Nusa Penida is an excellent place to start if you’re an experienced diver. Professional divers and snorkelers will find enough challenges on these two islands, which sit side by side. This is not a place to go if you don’t have significant diving expertise.

From the trip advisor, the user says

“At least eight boats were already at this diving point, and there were a few divers in the water. But the site is pretty big, so you can find your place. After 20 minutes of nervous drifting and wondering if we would have a bad day, a group of seven manta rays went right in front of us. The dive was over two, Two more sightings of a pair of above. Majestic place”

Diver tours with manta rays are frequent in Bali. Manta rays thrive in tropical and subtropical environments. Manta rays are mistaken for sharks. These creatures consume zooplankton in channels. Manta rays expand their mouths slightly while swimming to grab food. It swims using wings-like balance. It may be spotted in both wild waters and near shore. This species is normally sociable and lives in turbulent waters and near beaches. Nusa Penida is a fantastic place to watch mantas protected in Indonesia and Bali. Mantas inhabit Indonesia and Bali.

Nusa Penida

Mantas live in the ocean’s deep parts, and many are often seen swimming near the shore. Manta rays can be seen while snorkeling, but scuba diving with them near the cleaning station is often thought to be the most fun thing to do. Even if you aren’t the best diver or have trouble carrying a scuba pack, some diving administrators will help you meet the requirements to snorkel with mantas. This is because mantas are safer when they snorkel than when they dive. You can look closely at the sea creatures that live near the cleaning station, and you might find that snorkeling with manta rays is just as exciting as scuba diving.

Manta Point is a great place to go diving because there are manta rays all year. The oceans are full of tiny fish, which are often eaten by the beautiful flying creatures that live in the oceans. Our Manta Point also has a cleaning station, an excellent place for divers who want to see manta rays up close and calmly. Most of the time, mantas just circle you like a flame ring as they look for food. The situation is amazing, and you will remember that magical creature for the rest of your life.

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Justin WoerleeJustin Woerlee
10:09 19 May 22
Went diving with my wife with this dive school. We went to Nusa Pelida to Manta Point, and two points up north.Our guide, Agus, was extremely professional and thoughtful of us and took good care guiding my partner in these waters as currents can be very strong. Honestly, this was among the best diving I've done in my life.We saw manta rays, giant turtles, and a ton of fish. We even had to hold on to rocks as the current got so strong that we were waving like flags hanging onto these rocks.At all times we felt safe as Agus was extremely knowledgeable of these waters and had a good eye on us.Lunch on the boat was simple and wonderful.Thank you so much guys for giving us this wonderful diving experience. Next time I'm in Bali, i'll be sure to visit you again.
Yasmin ChaerunissaYasmin Chaerunissa
05:48 29 Mar 21
Amazing!I had my diving course and did my first dive with Bali Diving. At first, I learned it in the swimming pool, then to Padang Bai, and Tulamben (USAT Liberty Shipwreck). And it's so much fun!As someone with zero diving experience, the explanation from the dive instructor, Bli Ketut Latra, was very clear and easy to understand. Whenever I felt nervous, he could calm me down and made me excited to master the diving skills. Bli Ketut was also fun to talk with during the trip. He is the best!The staff from Bali Diving are also very friendly and helpful. They have diving masks for people with glasses (my eyes are -4). And at that time I was able to use it at no extra cost! However, there was additional cost for the diving documentation.During the diving course, everything had been prepared: transportation, diving equipment, lunch. I just needed to bring a towel and sunscreen.Anyway, I highly recommend Bali Diving for anyone who wants to learn or try diving.Thank you, Bali Diving!
Julija KazakovaJulija Kazakova
03:42 09 Jan 21
We enjoyed diving in US liberty wreck with these guys. They are real professionals and good people. The trip was fun and friendly. Highly recommended! Will definitely dive with them again.
Nick GavrilovNick Gavrilov
10:59 29 Dec 20
- Amazing service including transfer from and to the hotel, breakfast in a restaurant.- Very good guidance by a guy named Ferry, he was walking us throughout the entire diving process.- Professional equipment- Great location for beginners called Padang bay, saw lots of different kinds of fish, big turtle, sea star etc10/10! Highly recommended! Thank you for such an amazing experience!
Jack OstwaldJack Ostwald
10:42 25 Jan 20
Very friendly staff and professional team. I had not dived for 22 years and was well looked after by Ketut on staff during two dives on the USAT Liberty Wreck.. I had a fantastic experience and will be back to dive with this centre again. The equipment was suitable and it was great to be back under water again! Thank you and Mkasih banyak. Mantul!!