Legal Whale Hunter

bali diving
When you go to Bali you can be diving in popular dive sites. Bali position is one of the hundreds island Indonesia. When you going to the east of Indonesia you can find one other popular island around the world, the village of Lamalera on the island of Lembata on Flores is known as the home of traditional whale hunting. By Portuguese documents dating back to 1643 already mention that these heroic hunts were sighted then. The pope is limited and almost extinct, whale hunting is strictly prohibited … but on this remote island, the rule does not apply and is recognized by the United Nations. Even so, hunting for endangered animals will not be permitted by many parties. but because this is a traditional habit, it is permissible because this will not make the animal extinct. If you are an underwater animal lover, it’s good to learn about diving in well-known dive sites such as Bali Diving which already has a five-star rating from PADI as well as reviews of almost five stars from Trip Advisor, Google and Facebook.

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