The best Bali diving season is when the summer comes – Discover Now!

Bali Diving Season

Bali diving season, Unlike countries in Europe, Indonesia only has two seasons. Therefore, here divers can explore the ocean more often and freely.
However, to get the maximum diving experience, divers still need to find the right time. the best dive times and main attractions that you can find there.

From the past until now, maybe until the future, Bali has always been the number 1 favorite marine tourism destination in Indonesia. Even more foreign people know “Bali” than “Indonesia” itself. The appeal of the Island of the Gods is indeed incomparable from various fields. Bali diving season for the best diving time is Summer.

The beauty of Bali Island

The island of Bali has always been an icon of tourism in Indonesia, so that it attracts a lot of interest from tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. The thing that makes Bali preferred by tourists for holiday locations is because of its unique culture, security, completeness of tourism facilities, and natural beauty. One of the natural beauty of the island of Bali, is in the underwater landscape. There are several ways that can be done to see the beautiful underwater scenery of the island of Bali. Like, scuba diving, using submarines, and snorkeling activities.

But actually, the beauty of Bali is not only what is seen on its surface. The underwater part of Bali also has an extraordinary charm that can make anyone fascinated. This is what ultimately makes Bali one of the best diving destinations. And Summer is the best Bali diving season

There are many exciting holiday activities offered to tourists while on holiday in Bali. One of them is a marine tourism vehicle. Marine tourism on the island of Bali is more familiar with the term Bali water sports. There are many choices of water sports games in Bali. Like diving activities using scuba equipment known as Bali scuba diving.

Diving Plan

As part of the dive plan, we need to know the Bali diving season when is the best time to dive in an area. Weather and sea conditions are very important factors to avoid unpleasant dives, and most importantly avoid dive accidents. It would not be nice if you dive in strong wind conditions, the sea is very choppy, underwater currents are very strong, visibility underwater is bad. It is also important to pay attention to the full moon schedule to avoid the heady big waves.

Tourists who want to do scuba diving activities in Bali its main purpose is to see the beauty of the underwater panorama. Bali Island is famous for having many dive sites that offer different underwater views. This makes Bali very popular among divers. Either amateur divers or professional divers. The advantage of Bali as a place to dive because it has water that is always warm throughout the season.

Scuba Diving in Bali

Bali diving season. Scuba diving Bali is an underwater tourist activity using SNI standard tools including oxygen cylinders, waterproof clothing, frog shoes, glasses, and breathing apparatus that are connected to oxygen. Scuba diving is different from other diving activities such as sea walker and snorkeling.
Guided by our experienced and certified team you will be invited to dive with a depth of 5 meters – 7 meters to the bottom of the sea so you will be freer to see the underwater scenery consisting of various species of fish, beautiful coral reefs, even sometimes some of our customers can holding a large shark and selfie with him.

Diving (diving) is one of the fun activities. You see, we can see animals under the sea, such as small colorful fishes, turtles, sharks, sea eels, and others. Maybe you’ve been diving a lot, even you’ve also been with big fish or beautiful coral reefs when diving. Chose the best Bali diving season to get the best result

When diving in Bali, divers will find underwater life such as coral reefs and various types of fish. In addition to coral reefs, Bali also offers dive sites with views of the shipwreck.

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