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Scuba Diving Sanur Bali

Scuba diving Sanur is the best activity, Are you currently planning a vacation to the island of Bali with family and children? If so, I’m sure before you look for information on exciting holiday activities, as well as interesting tourist attractions in Bali. You will find the best place to stay in Bali for your family and children. There are many locations to stay in Bali that are suitable for families one of which is the tourism area of ​​Sanur Bali. Then is the Sanur tourist area suitable as a place for you to stay while on family holidays in Bali? Of course, only you can answer.

Sanur Beach Bali is one of the famous white sand beach attractions on the island of Bali. Every day this beach is always crowded with tourists visiting, both foreign tourists and Indonesian tourists. Then what about you, are you interested in a vacation to the Sanur beach of Bali?

Sanur tourism area is often associated with Nusa Dua tourist attractions. Because it has similarities in white sand beach attractions with very calm sea waves, not crowded like Kuta beach, and the best location to see the sunrise.

In contrast to Nusa Dua, Sanur tourism area offers a holiday experience to the east coast of the island of Bali with a more affordable vacation budget. Most of the accommodations in the Sanur Bali area are in the form of bungalows, villas and beach resorts with dominant Balinese-style dominant accommodation designs. Most of the hotel locations that you will find in the Sanur tourism area close to the coastline. Make children easily play to the beach because Sanur beach can be asked from the place to stay. Also, the waters of the beach in Sanur have calm waves and very shallow so it is very safe for children to swim. Sanur tourism area is a very tourist area-wide and adjacent to a white sand beach. Also, the location is very close to the location of Ngurah Rai Airport and other tourist areas such as the tourist attractions of Ubud, Kuta, and Nusa Dua. For a choice of places to stay, this area is preferred by tourists who vacation with family and tourists who want to be away from the hustle of the city. At present many expatriates choose to settle in this area.

Also, in the Sanur Balli area, there are many art shops, money changers, mini markets, bars, cafes, restaurants to support tourism facilities. One of the most favorite places to eat in Sanur Bali is where to eat Rice Wet Men Sanur.

The Sanur Bali region is better known as a tourist destination for white-sand beaches that are quieter than Kuta, Legian and Seminyak beaches. Also, the Sanur area is of interest to tourists who are on vacation with family because they are looking for a calm atmosphere. Sanur beach sand has a soft texture and the waves on Sanur beach are very small and calm. Because there is coral on the seabed about 1 kilometer from the shoreline. Therefore, if you want a vacation to a white sand beach in Bali that is safe for children to swim, Sanur beach is a must for you to visit.

Sanur tourist area Bali has many choices of very exciting family tourism activities. Family tourism activities that are most sought after by tourists in the form of Bali water sports activities such as riding a jet ski on Sanur beach. In addition to jet skiing, on the Sanur beach, there is also a walking activity on the seabed. The name of the activity is Bali Seawalker Sanur, besides that Sanur is also known as the best dive spot in Bali, because of its beautiful underwater scenery.

Watch as the ocean floor explodes with rich colors and marine life. The ocean lives with live coral standing proudly as the glittering light rays fall thinly on the undulating reefs and sandy soil. Tropical fish schools roam around clear water with their businesses, presenting dynamic and endless entertainment. Dive deeper into the charm of Sanur Bali’s scuba diving and forget the hustle and bustle of the world above. Bali is a paradise for underwater safaris in the Indonesian archipelago because the diversity of marine life found around the island is very rich. Located in the heart of the coral triangle, most of the dive sites in Bali are blooming with more than 700 species of coral and 3000 species of fish.

Looking for a diving spot in Sanur? Indeed many places provide diving services in Sanur. But, you should choose a place that provides services from professional and competent people for the comfort and safety of your diving. For those of you who have never dived underwater before, don’t worry because we diving service providers in Sanur not only provide diving equipment services, but also service lessons or guides before diving, and also security services and guidance on when you do diving until your diving activity is complete.

So why do you have to dive? And why should you choose the right diving spot in Sanur? Of course, the beauty of the sea is not only seen on the surface of the sea. Under the sea, there are a million other amazing beauty that is a shame if you miss. Surely your vacation in Sanur will be more perfect with the best amazing diving experience. Well, this is the best diving experience that you can get from diving services from people who are professional and also competent, one of which is at

There are three Sanur Bali scuba diving sites named Chanel Point, Penjor Reef, and Jeladi Wilis. The three diving sites in Sanur have a variety of interesting marine animals, although each has its characteristics. Sanur is very suitable for beginners and divers who want to refresh after a long time not diving.

Close to the beach and the center of tourism is the main attraction for scuba diving in Sanur, Bali, but must still pay attention to the waves and currents that are sometimes strong with poor visibility.

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Scuba diving Sanur Bali is another world. Dive into the underwater kingdom of Bali and find hidden gems beneath the waves. Take your breath, you will enter a fascinating blue world. Underwater Bali offers a variety of exceptional diving experiences.

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