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Scuba Diving Padang Bai
Scuba Diving Padang Bai

Scuba Diving Padang Bai, Diving in Bali is really fun. Many dive sites are worth exploring, one of which is the Padangbai Area, Karangasem Regency, Bali. This dive site faces the east coast, right next to Padangbai Harbor which serves ferries to Lombok Island.

The natural charm of Bali is not only the natural beauty of the beach, terraced rice fields, mountains or lakes, but the underwater world is also very spectacular so that all that is available Bali is becoming more complete and become the most favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali’s underwater world is no less interesting, a number of popular undersea spots on the island of the Gods have become a popular destination for divers, one of which is Gili Tepekong Padang Bai, a dive site or dive site in the Karangasem region of East Bali which is currently in great demand by tourists, because the natural beauty of the underwater is ready to make the audience amazed.

The beauty of the underwater world on Gili Tepekong is intended for divers who are already professional, this dive site on the high seas has strong currents, so diving on Gili Tepekong is not intended for beginners. Diving spots with the aim to a number of Gili in the Padang Bai area or near Candidasa, especially for experienced divers, in carrying out your activities you need to be accompanied by an instructor or guide, so you can find the best places under the sea with easier that will be able to guide properly.

a beautiful oasis known as PadangBai, has a dive site that will serve all levels of diving, crystal blue waters, incredible hard and soft corals, the Great Wall, all worth the trip alone.

The name of this beach among tourists better known by the name Padang Bai beach. But actually, Scuba Diving Padang Bai, Padang bai is one of the seaports, the entrance and exit of the island of Bali through the sea. But near the location of the port of Padang Bai.

scuba diving Padang Bai offers many dive sites that have their own characteristics, good and natural corals full of macro life, and other interesting things. The most famous locations are Japan, Drop Off, Blue Lagoon, Silayukti Point, Ferry Channel, Bias Tugal, Secret Jetty, and Secret Jepun. When diving in Padangbai with OK Divers you can find hundreds of species and you don’t have to travel with our dive boat for more than 5 minutes.

when yo do Scuba Diving Padang Bai, Almost every time you will be accompanied by oriental sweetlips, moray eels, several species of clownfish and anemone fish, napoleon wrasses, trevallies, jackfish, tuna, Moorish idols, crocodile fish, lionfish, frogfish, octopus, cuttlefish, shark, shark, and turtle. In some dive sites in Padangbai Bali, you have the opportunity to see white and black reef sharks as well as nurse sharks and wobbegongs. If you like macros, the lively frogfish, ornate and ghost pipefish, leaf scorpionfish, pygmy seahorse, nudibranchs, Biagini squat lobsters, orangutan crabs, rhinoplasty, zebra crabs and other crustaceans will keep you entertained.

Tugel Bias Beach, has white sand with soft texture with clear blue water, flanked by two rocks. Tugel bias means that the sand is cut off, because it is flanked by two large rocks. The most interesting thing is, there is a rocky bay that protects the coast so that underwater life is very awake.

For lovers of water diving or Scuba diving Padang Bai, definitely choose this place as one of the dive sites in Bali. There are also some tourists who just do snorkeling activities with their own equipment.

Bias Tugel beach location, a favorite of foreign tourists to snorkel because the water is very calm. For those of you who are entertaining with children, Bias Tugel beach, I highly recommend that you visit. Your children are free to play in the sand and swim.

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