Scuba diving equipment, get to know the equipment to do scuba diving!

Scuba diving equipment, Bali Island as a tourist destination offers many interesting attractions to visit. In addition to tourist attractions, the island of Bali also offers a wide selection of exciting tourist activities. One of them is diving in the depths of the sea. Dive tourism activities in Bali, better known as Bali scuba diving. Of course, Bali scuba diving activities are already familiar, especially for lovers of underwater natural beauty.

dive instructor certification

Diving under the sea is not the same as swimming. Underwater environment conditions are very different from those in swimming pools or on land. Therefore, you cannot carelessly dive into the waters. Before diving in Indonesian waters, you must pocket a certificate of scuba diving issued by diving schools.

So, you do have to pass a course at a diving school first, have a certificate, and then be able to enjoy the natural beauty of underwater Indonesia or in other countries. The higher your flight hours, the more beautiful waters you can dive into.

Diving is a fun activity and a hobby for some people. Aside from being a hobby, certain people become professions such as diving and rescue teams, underwater welding, and frog troops. As creatures that live on land, humans need some tools to be able to dive in the sea. Some of scuba diving equipment are:


Humans breathe with lungs. Therefore, in order to easily breathe underwater, diving aids such as a regulator are needed. The regulator itself drains air from the mouth when breathing in water. When using this scuba diving equipment is required to breathe through the mouth and not the nose.


Because accustomed to living on land, then there must be an adjustment when diving in the water. Not only breathing apparatus regulators, for diving also need a mask to protect eyes from water. Because the eyes can not see clearly under the surface without using eye protection in the form of a mask.

-Drysuit or Wetsuit

Drysuit or wetsuit is a must for diving clothes. Its use depends on the location of diving, for example, warm water or cold water. When diving in cold water, dry cleaning is the right choice. The diving clothes are made of waterproof material that can protect the body from cold water when diving. While a wetsuit is clothing for diving in warm water. The material used in wetsuits is usually coated with neoprene rubber. The material is not waterproof which still allows water to penetrate. And it is one of the importance scuba diving equipment

-BCD (Bouyancy Compensation Device)

BCD is a kind of jacket that can be filled and flowed with air. BCD serves to help divers when going up to the surface. The diver’s body can be easily lifted when the BCD is filled with air and expands.

-Weight Belt or Integrated Weight

When someone swims and goes into the sea, the actual density of the human body is smaller than the specific gravity of seawater. That’s why diving requires a ballast. The scuba diving equipment in question is called a weight belt that can be tied to the waist and made of metal.


Frog legs are needed to speed up movement when swimming. The longer, wider, and bigger the size of the word foot, the faster the movement in the water.


Gauges are indicators that need to know the amount of oxygen air still in the cylinder. Not only that. This diving equipment can also show depth, air pressure, air temperature, and compass.

-Dive Computer

This scuba diving equipment can be used to determine air pressure, air temperature, and water depth. This tool is usually used as an indication of the ability or the length of a diver to stay in the water.


The deeper the depths of the sea are dive, the darker it will be. For that, it takes a flashlight as a torch.

-Tank (Air Tube)

Air cylinders are used for breathing needs in the water. The tube contains a mixture of air needed by the lungs. There are various sizes that can be chosen according to the time of diving.

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