PADI Scuba diving, Learn and Get Scuba Diving License HERE!

Natural beauty

PADI scuba diving, The natural beauty of the Indonesian sea which is a pity to miss makes scuba diving become more popular in recent times. More than that, scuba diving is not only a place for recreation but an alternative sport that is beneficial for mental and physical health. Capital, with courage and willing to comply with diving rules guaranteed we will be addicted!

Diving underwater beauty is the same as admiring God’s creation. So far diving is the most optimal way to dive into underwater life, experience life in the same nature as coral reefs and thousands of species of fish. But before doing so, there is one thing that is most needed is the Diving License.

You need to know that diving is not as easy as we imagine. There are various preparations and special exercises, especially for those of you who want to try scuba. For the safety of individual scuba divers, it is required to have special certification for underwater diving.

PADI Scuba diving, Learn and Get Scuba Diving License HERE!

The way to get a license

The way to get certified diving is by taking diving courses by PADI scuba diving to get to know more knowledge, techniques, and broader insights about diving. Of course, each country has different qualification standards.

Learning scuba diving can be done by attending courses at diving training institutions that have spread across major cities in Indonesia. The course cannot be taken only in 3-4 days.

Imagine if you currently have a diving or diving license. You can explore the fascinating underwater world of Alor with its various rare fish species with beautiful coral and sea plants. Then you can also feel the sensation of diving with a whale shark that will be a rare experience and is worth capturing.


The PADI scuba diving Open Water Diver course in Bali Diving is one of the most popular initial certification levels worldwide. Through this training, you will be able to dive independently at a maximum depth of 18 meters. PADI scuba diving is the largest diving training institution in the world, and the Open Water certificate from OK Divers in Padangbai will be recognized worldwide.

Diving Certification is a training for anyone who wants to have a diving certificate and later will be officially registered with one of the International Diving organizations.

The function of this diving certification is that your friends will be able to dive anywhere, but according to the criteria and characteristics of the dive site itself. for funding certification activities are very useful, for friends who want to work related to the field of marine, biology, or the environment later this certificate is also very useful when friends in the workforce.

It is recommended that every diver has a diving certificate. This certificate is obtained after passing the diving course as a sign of having learned the basics of diving and is worth doing scuba diving activities. This diving certificate is issued by an international standard certification body, such as PADI scuba diving (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

The Advantage of Having a License

PADI scuba diving certificates tell you the depth limit that is allowed based on flight hours and expertise gained. For example, for the initial level – called the open water level, it is only allowed to dive to a depth of 18 m advance level can be up to 30 m.

Indeed, there are also places that become recreational diving destinations without requiring visitors to have PADI scuba diving certificates. Usually, a place to try – try diving and only dive to a depth of 5-7 m. But, the certificate is still necessary if you want deeper exploration. Ownership of the certificate indicates he already knows the rules that must be applied when diving. That is, guarantees can maintain safety.

Enjoy the diving process by respecting the natural sea around you, while doing diving with the right technique, to get the benefits of diving for optimal health.

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