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PADI dive certification, Visiting Bali but not trying diving is like receiving a gift in a beautiful wrapper but never knowing what gift is inside. Is diving certification necessary?

Professional diving education guarantees a safe and enjoyable diving experience. From the first dive to the professional level, the PADI instructor will direct you to become a confident diver.

PADI dive certification, To meet the needs of diving recreation both who do not or already have a diving certificate, we offer a variety of diving programs from open water diver courses, advanced divers, rescue divers, Emergency First Responder, specialty diver, professional courses (divemaster and dive instructors), snorkeling activities, intro dive, fun dive and dive safari (eating, drinking, diving, sleeping).

Our diving facilities, services, comfort, and safety to meet your needs and desires are our number one priority. Always Listen, Always Understand. If you are interested in taking a diving course or you want to get information about diving recreation, we will be happy to serve you through our facilities, services, and quality.

Scuba diving has become a trend in recent years and now inspires millions of people. An open water diving course and what is called Discover Scuba Dive will give you an easy way to enjoy sports that are popular right now. And one of the most popular dive training organizations today is PADI.

PADI diving certification courses start from the beginner level (such as “Scuba Diver” and “Open Water Diver”) to the advanced “Master Scuba Diver” and a number of instructor certifications. Under the PADI TecRec brand, PADI dive certification also offers a variety of technical diving courses, including decompression diving, trimix diving, and gas blending. In addition, a sister company from PADI called Emergency First Response Corp provides first-aid training and CPR programs for laypeople.

The PADI dive certification system consists of separate modules, each of which has standardized objectives, divided into theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The theory can be learned by yourself through books, computer-based teaching via CD-ROM or online learning.All course options are equipped with videos to help student divers visualize the material they have read. The knowledge skills test is conducted by a scuba instructor.

The practical skills of PADI dive certification are obtained after going through training in water (swimming pool or relatively shallow water) and diving test in open water. Students who pass diving education get a certificate in the form of a plastic card as a sign of graduating from diving basic education, and are declared eligible to do scuba diving activities.

PADI dive certification, One of the best diving spots in Bali is on Menjangan Island, with a range of coral reefs filled with spectacular marine life. This diving area is famous for its calm currents, clear water and can grow up to 50 meters in certain seasons. Here you can see soft corals, sponges and gorgonians, which attract large numbers of small reef fish including parrotfish, yellow back fusiliers, powder-blue surgeonfish, damselfish, pufferfish, unicorn fish, barracuda, and silvery jacks.

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