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Bali Island

How to get scuba diving certification, The island of Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods, is truly amazing in its beauty, as well as its rich cultural heritage that is inherent in its inhabitants. No wonder Bali is very famous in the world, and there are many foreign tourists visiting it. Until almost every tourist attraction in Bali is always filled with foreign tourists. There are also many local tourists who are very interested in the beauty of this island of Bali.

how to get scuba diving certification

Have you gotten a Scuba diving certificate and want to know more? Do you want to see what is happening under the sea? what is life underwater like at night, being an expert in floating abilities, extending your knowledge of marine life?

Diving Activity

How to get scuba diving certification, Diving is not a risky activity. Even by diving, we can recognize nature on the seabed, carry out scientific conservation actions, and, as the saying goes, don’t know then don’t love. Diving is one way to recognize the natural beauty of Indonesia’s underwater to love it.

Diving under the sea is not the same as swimming. Underwater environment conditions are very different from those in swimming pools or on land. Therefore, you cannot carelessly dive into the waters. Before diving in Indonesian waters, you must pocket a certificate of scuba diving issued by diving schools. So, you do have to pass a course at a diving school first, have a certificate, and then be able to enjoy the natural beauty of underwater Indonesia or in other countries. The higher your flight hours, the more beautiful waters you can dive into.

when underwater, the warmth in your body will disappear 20 times faster than when you are on land. Without proper training, you can immediately feel cold or experience hypothermia.

Want to know how to get scuba diving certification?

Scuba diving Certification is a training for anyone who wants to have a diving certificate and later will be officially registered with one of the International Diving organizations. The function of this diving certification is that your friends will be able to dive anywhere, but according to the criteria and characteristics of the dive site itself. for funding activities this certification is very useful, for friends who want to work related to the field of marine, biology, or the environment later this diving certificate is also very useful when friends in the world of work.

To be able to take part in the PADI beginner diving certification training, you must meet several requirements including age requirements, physical requirements and water kill requirements.

Your comfort in the water will greatly determine the success of the diving training you are taking. Many assume that for diving you do not need to be able to swim. This is a false assumption. During diving training, you will learn how to swim independently on the surface and underwater and learn emergency measures that must be mastered if a problem occurs during diving.

Benefit of Having Certificate

How to get scuba diving certification, In addition, after you officially hold the Scuba diving certificate, you can dive independently (independently) with your buddy as long as it meets certain conditions such as understanding or familiarity with the dive sites, diving capabilities, and others. So your ability and comfort in water is a must-have ability for a diver.

What if you can’t swim, I suggest taking swimming training first or you will be disappointed at diving training. Because you will have difficulty attending training or may also stop in the middle of the road. Very unfortunate, right?

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