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Blue Lagoon Bali Diving

Blue Lagoon Bali Diving, Blue Lagoon Beach in Padang Bai is a beach with a very interesting atmosphere to visit. This beach offers a quiet atmosphere of visitors, it will even feel like being on a private beach if you come to this place. One of the hidden tourist attractions, but the beauty does not need to be hidden in Bali. What’s more, this beach is also a paradise for snorkeling lovers.

Although it is still in the same area as Padang Bai Beach and Bias Tugel Beach, its white sand characteristics are different from Padang Bai Beach and Bias Tugel Beach. Blue Lagoon Beach has large and coarse white sand, unlike the white sand at Bias Tugel Beach and the softer Padang Bai Beach.
Most visitors to this beach are foreign citizens, aka foreigners, and only a few local people are on this hidden beach. Many activities you can do if you visit the Blue Lagoon beach. Among them playing sand, swimming on the beach, or just sunbathing.

The Best Place to do scuba diving

In particular, this place is also a favorite location for tourists to snorkel. The beauty of fish and coral reefs on this beach is able to conjure anyone to continue watching it. When you see the underwater charm you can find Murray, morale idols, cows, and sometimes turtles and even reef sharks.
There are three white sandy beaches in the village of Padangbai which are located close together, including the Blue Lagoon, Padangbai, and Bias Tugel beaches. The most popular tourism activities in this area are snorkeling and diving, because the underwater charm is truly amazing, the diversity of coral reefs is well preserved, so that other marine life can live safely. Blue Lagoon Beach itself can also be a comfortable place to relax, because of the naturalness and natural beauty around it.

Activities in Blue Lagoon

The attraction of the Blue Lagoon beach attraction is indeed quite special, there are many things you can enjoy here, besides you can relax in a calm natural atmosphere on a white sandy beach, you can take a shower and play water, enjoy snorkeling or diving activities, or hunting the latest photos at this instagramable place in Bali, especially in the morning while enjoying the sunrise. An ideal place as the next tour destination in Bali. Currently, there is still no entrance fee charged to the Blue Lagoon beach attraction in East Bali, so you can relax and tour for free here.

the beach, playing with sand, or just sunbathing. This tourist spot, in particular, has also become a favorite location for tourists who have a hobby of snorkeling. The beauty of the fishes under the sea with coral reefs is indeed able to bewitch anyone who watches it.
When doing snorkeling activities under the sea, you can find various types of fish such as morish idols, Murray, fish cows.

Seawater in Blue Lagoon

The seawater is warm and the beauty of marine life is very abundant. You might also see ultraviolet fish that have sparkling sparkles. Followed by a large herd of blackfish that have a tail shaped like a wrench head. Sometimes you can also find turtles and even reef sharks if you are lucky.
Blue Lagoon is a favorite snorkeling spot in Bali with perfect coral reefs, stranded in shining white sand. Clearwater, sandy bottom, and bright lights make this a popular place for taking underwater photos. The boat for snorkeling takes 45 minutes along the east coast to snorkel sites including Padang Bai and Blue Lagoon.

The Beauty of Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Beach is really beautiful and the beauty of the color of the blue sea water and offers many interesting activities that we can do such as marine or underwater tourism. For your fans of water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling you can visit the Blue Lagoon Beach Karangasem which is the best diving spot in Bali. At Blue Lagoon Beach we can explore its beauty, which is loved by professional and novice divers. Blue Lagoon Beach has many spots for diving in the middle of the sea which offers many beautiful coral reefs and very diverse life of marine life. There are various types of marine life such as small to large size colorful fish, moris idol, sea horses, turtles to stingrays.

Activities that you can do at this beach include swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and even diving. The water is blue and clear and the sand is white with calm waves that give calm to the visitors. Blue Lagoon Beach is an attractive tourist attraction and easier to reach than Bias Tugel beach because there is not too much effort to reach this beach. When you arrive at Blue Lagoon Beach, you can see the only restaurant on this beach, “Warung Blue Lagoon” where you can enjoy drinks and food while absorbing the beauty and relaxed atmosphere at this beach.

Some best activities in Blue Lagoon

Not so many things you can do in this blue lagoon guys namely swimming, sunbathing and playing sand. But if you like snorkeling then Blue Lagoon beach is the best place to do it. The beauty in the sea is so beautiful from a coral reef, fish such as clownfish, parrotfish, Murray, and even turtles and reef sharks are sometimes seen here. The best time to snorkel in the blue lagoon is when the water is calm and the waves are not strong, the location of the beach close to the Badung Strait with a strong current makes us also have to be careful when snorkeling here. Chose Scuba diving package here. Find more articles in

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