Scuba diving certification Bali – Learn and Get Certificate in Bali

Bali Island

Scuba diving certification Bali, Bali Island is a gathering place for tourists who come from all over the world, ranging from those who intend to come to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, lakes, until those who come and intend to enjoy the beauty of the beach and surfing the waves in Bali. Not only that, there are also many tourists who come to Bali just to shop and spend their time here.

Certainly very exciting if you can dive and see the beauty of nature under the sea. Ranging from corals to various types of fish into a scene offered when we are under the sea.

Scuba diving certification Bali - Learn and Get Certificate in Bali

Do you think diving is only for young, strong and challenging people? You are wrong. Please let our instructor introduce you to the wonders of the underwater world with the Scuba Diving experience. You will not forget your first breath underwater, the sound of bubbles and the journey to another dimension.

Scuba Diving

Diving is an activity carried out under the surface of the water, with or without the use of equipment, to achieve a certain goal.

This activity is a sport and recreation activity that is recognized worldwide, and can also train professional divers to reach the desired depth and increase the time spent underwater. There are several locations in the world that are ideal for SCUBA dives.

Many ways you can do to see the natural beauty under the sea. From snorkeling without a tube to diving is one way to achieve this. Special diving, this sport has become the main choice to enter the sea and see the beauty of the underwater world.

Is Diving Certification Important?

So, is a Diving certification required? Given that even now there are also many diving facilities without certificates, but accompanied by a local guide.

Diving certification is needed because it determines the ability of each diver when underwater, as well as the ability to protect themselves for security. The diving course also provides international standard licenses, so that divers can dive safely.

If you want to certificate this activity, you need to do an Open Water Certification Program or Dive Course. The main requirements are physically and mentally healthy, have basic swimming skills. Then the minimum age is 10 years, if you have reached the age of more than 15 years, the certificate can be renewed.

Scuba Diving Certification

A scuba diving certification Bali is an opportunity to discover the wonders of the underwater world. Come and spend your time with us in Bali inside or outside the waters, family, and atmosphere of excitement. Come as a client, and go home as a friend.

Before jumping directly on the high seas, you must first take a course and get a certificate. The course begins with debriefing in class. Then proceed with practice in a swimming pool. This exercise must be accompanied by an instructor and ‘master dive’ licensed dive school.

To get the right scuba diving certification you can get it through PADI, which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. In most places, you can get certified scuba as young as 10 years.

All of our instructors are PADI licensed and. The team is young people, dynamic and experienced instructors who have lived in Asia and in Indonesia for several years. They will be happy to share their diving experiences and travel experiences just like you.

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