Fun Fact Bali Diving That Affects Bali Diving’s Longevity

In this article, we use the title of Fun Fact That Affects Bali Diving’s Longevity.

As we know Bali diving has been doing business in the arena of the diving industry since for more than 10 years, and until this day Bali Diving exists as one of the famous dive site centers in Bali.

Fun Fact Bali Diving

Why are we using Bali Diving than other Dive Center?
This Is Why Bali Diving Is So Famous!
Compare Diving Center in Bali

what is really special about Bali diving?
Quoted from Tripadvisor, Bali Diving has excellent service compared to similar dive centers at relatively cheap prices.

Many people complain about the high cost of renting equipment, but in Bali Diving all diving equipment is free of charge according to applicable terms and conditions.

Bali Diving is in Sanur Area

Sanur tourism area is often associated with Nusa Dua tourist attractions. Because it has similarities in white sand beach attractions with very calm sea waves, not crowded like Kuta beach.

Sanur the best location to see the sunrise.

Bali Diving Has a Wide Reach and it’s all official, so you don’t need to be afraid to explore.

Other reason

Indonesia has the largest coral reef region in Southeast Asia.

The extent of reaching 39,500 square km covers 16 percent of the world’s coral habitat. As such, Indonesia is a major producer of coral larvae, which spread to fill other regions throughout the world.

Indonesia has six of the seven marine turtle species in the world.

The Indonesian Sea provides a nesting place for important food and important migration routes at the junction of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Among the six species of turtles in Indonesia, three are Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Dolphin turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), and turtle (Caretta caretta).

It’s fun fact of Bali Diving should you know

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