Diving Raja Ampat, Don’t Forget This

In recent years Raja Ampat Diving has been very popular with the public, so what should you bring or do to make your diving successful?

In Bali, you can easy Diving or Snorkeling in just several clicks. It just why for next holiday in Bali, because I’ve come with family. So why we using Bali Diving than other Dive Center?

Diving Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat
  1. Don’t forget to prepare
    Raja Ampat has a different community character, it is mainly due to differences in language and habits.
  2. Find New Friend
    Find new friends although there are many diverse ethnic groups, in Papua live in harmony, especially from migrants and local Papuan people especially the people of Papua who have been more modern.
  3. Number one As a part of the Coral Triangle which contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth.
  4. Don’t forget to make a PADI license at least Open Water.
    If you come to Bali first, meet one of the best instructors, PADI Courses
    and you will get some any tips about diving Raja Ampat.

So are you sure you want to dive in Raja Ampat? interesting right…

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