Natural Beauty & Creativity of the People of Bali

Natural Beauty & Creativity of the People of Bali
In addition, the natural beauty of the island of Bali combines with the creativity and artwork of the Balinese people. Creativity in developing agricultural land with terraces/terracing systems. Architectural artwork that can be seen from the form of Hindu temples in Bali. Besides being on land, Bali’s natural beauty is also found in the depths of the ocean. With the life of marine life and coral reefs.

Although the island of Bali has an area not as large as the island of Java! But having so many exciting tourist attractions and holiday activities in nature that cannot be visited all in one vacation to Bali.

If you want to know the tourist attractions that highlight the natural beauty of Bali? The answer you can find below. Tourism objects such as terraced rice fields, protected forests, mountains, natural hot tubs, and waterfalls.

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