Indonesia Independence Day

With thousands of islands that all has a unique identity, Indonesia is an exciting destination that never ceases to amaze and impress.

Bali in General Information About Bali is one of more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia with an area of 153 km and a width of 112 km about 3.2 km from the eastern part of Java.

Bali is geographically located at 8 ° 25 823 ′ South Latitude and 115 ° 14′55 ″ East Longitude which makes it tropical-like other parts of Indonesia.

August 17th is Indonesia Independence Day..

On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima City was in a coma after being hit by an atomic bomb by the United States (US), followed by Nagasaki City who suffered a similar fate three days ago. Japan realized that it was on the verge of defeat in World War II in the face of the Allies.

Efforts to save self-esteem immediately carried out, Japan of course never lose face. Three Indonesian figures who were considered the most influential at the time were also called: Ir. Sukarno, Mohammad Hatta, and Radjiman Wediodiningrat.

The Indonesian Independence Preparatory Committee (PPKI) was formed. Dai Nippon wanted to be sure to fully support the Indonesian people’s desire for independence. In fact, as if, independence was a gift from Japan.

As a reinforcement of this promise, Japan flew Sukarno, Hatta and Radjiman to Dalat, Vietnam, on August 12, 1945, to discuss plans for the surrender of independence with their highest military leader in the Southeast Asian region, Marshal Hisaichi Terauchi.

Two days after the meeting, the Japanese actually lost the war and surrendered to the Allies. Finally Indonesian independence was proclaimed August 17, 1945, or sooner without having to wait for surrender from Japan.

Since Indonesia is a big country, there are plenty of different cultures to experience, and there are plenty of various dances and musical styles. No matter where you go in Indonesia, you can be prepared to meet a new and exciting culture.

Bali, Komodo, and Gili islands are some of the most famous ones, but the fact is that Indonesia is almost entirely made up of islands in various sizes. Each island has its own charm and experience to offer.

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