New Normal: How Safe Travelling and Vacation in Bali?

Travelling and Vacation to Bali

If you plan to go to Bali in the near future, maybe some areas can be reached, but is a vacation to Bali at the moment a bad idea?

How Safe Travelling and Vacation in Bali?

It is true that Bali is a part of Indonesia, but if you look at the development of an increase in the spread curve of Covid-19, it is really different from the fact that in Bali there are less than 0.01%.

The Indonesian government is making plans to reopen the areas that are now closed, especially in Bali. Bali is a special place for Indonesia so that the spread of the virus is very small.

Stability in Bali compared to in the world is more stable because, in Bali itself, quarantine is used to what their customs are used to do, for example, Nyepi Day which is done every year.

Start a New Normal

For the new normal readiness in Bali, disinfection, and quarantine processes have been carried out for 2 months.

Indeed there has been a slight surge in recent months but that is not a problem because in Indonesia in these months it is customary for Muslims to return to their hometowns.

Start to go to Bali

If you are an international tourist make sure when you go to Bali you are in good health and following the health protocol. in Bali Diving you will be guided by Instructor to be safer in terms of diving or snorkeling, the tools we use will be sterilized after that the car, room and others will be made safety

Many think Bali is not safe but in reality, Bali is still quite safe to visit especially nowadays where there are very few visitors so you are safer and far safer.

if when you arrive in Bali and feel unwell you should just rest at the hotel until conditions improve you don’t need to force yourself to do outdoor activities. during an emergency, you can also contact the health department in Denpasar, and especially for COVID-19 cases, you can contact a special hospital that handles COVID 19 in Jimbaran (about 19mins).

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